Timeless Kreations

Alamogordo, New Mexico
United States

Crafting unique handmade treasures Welcome to my creative world where warmth meets artistry.

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Welcome to Our Story

Step into our realm where gifts are not just exchanged, but sentiments are shared. Revel in the timeless allure of handmade essentials that embody the essence of heartfelt gifting and home decor.

Mixed media art, heating pads, and handbags

Very compassionate about my craft, from leather good, cork leather, vinyl, cotton, organic materials, While designing I feel my items come to life, I personally feel the passion created from my soul in each item I share with you.

Discover the artistry woven seamlessly into each creation, crafted with passion and purpose. From cozy heating pads to elegant handbags, explore the world of handmade treasures that elevate everyday living.

Embrace the charm of mixed media art that breathes life into spaces, reflecting a journey filled with creativity and dedication. Every stitch, every design, narrates a tale of craftsmanship intertwined with soulful artistry.

All natural Products Heating pad, heat packs, cold pack microwave heating pad

Washable covers and Heat pads, hot cold heat packs, rice heating pads or Flax seed heating pad inserts, you choose your cover, your choice of rice, flaxseed or combined. Microwavable heating pads, filled with rice or Flaxseed, at the current moment with 14 choices of herbs and essential oils mixed to sooth and comfort an give relief.

Quality products with a professionally sewn items. We stand behind our products and want to make sure that each item you receive or give as a thoughtful gift, feels like a cherished moment.

Wanted to let you know also, that I can do custom orders and or requests. Contact me for a custom order from my shop.


Delighted! My favorite, Kelly your Etsy Shop is my favorite. Kelly is so kind, and communication is exceptional. I am head over heels with my heat pad, it is perfectly made with so much love.
Not just for people, but these are pet friendly as well! Our cats love cuddling up to these either after they have cooled down a bit from being used by us or after being heated for a 30 seconds only (so they are warm but not hot) for them. Added bonus!
Love these hand warmers! The super soft flannel material is amazing
Super recommended these items as gifts for others! Gifted a neck warmer and hand warmer set to my friend in Ohio and they are loving them! Especially since winter has started up
So perfect I purchased it twice.
First off Kelly is amazing, she truly takes the time with you to go over everything. The style of bag, the fabric, what I wanted to use my bag for… every detail including the colors I wanted for the zipper and bits for my bag. Then we went over the prints until we found stuff I loved and then went through a color scheme. I loved it so much I ended up getting bags not just for myself but for my mother and sister in laws too! She was amazing enough to even send me progress pictures and videos. Every message that was sent I got even more excited! And man oh man the pictures did not give these bags justice! They are absolutely gorgeous, well made and very comfortable. And before I end this, the way she packages her products I am in awe of it. She truly creates with love in everything she makes. I even have her heating pads. Five
Item was beautiful and my daughter was so happy with it.
Came back for more
Great quality product and amazing communication! She went above and beyond to make this amazing Christmas gift. Thank you!
This essential oil pack is just wonderful ! I am wearing it now, heated and scented with peppermint . Just delightful . Also the fabric is soft and lovely . I have found the shop easy to work with and quick shipping . I will definitely purchase more of these as gifts. !
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